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Prayer, Thoughtfulness, Meditation

There are a lot of people who live day to day and without a real purpose.   Are you one of those people? Ask yourself and answer honestly. No judgment. We just do what we are supposed to do and want for more. Many people just don’t see that there is something deeper and more […]

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Understanding and Coping With Feelings

Good morning world!  Today is a brand new chance to make a difference!   What is something that we all have, often don’t acknowledge and probably don’t fully understand? The answer is feelings (I bet the giant hint above helped you with this answer!) Almost all of us know when we have been cut, burned […]

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Finding Time to Journal

Regardless of how you journal, whether it is a diary, notebook or poetry, you will find benefits.  It clarifies, prioritizes and sometimes presents grand ideas out of the blue! —Tips for Finding Time to Journal— It can be very difficult to make time for journaling every morning. • Try getting up just a half hour […]

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The Weight of Perfectionism

The never-ending quest for perfection carries with it a heavy burden. Sometimes this baggage comes in the form of self-sabotage or more often shows up as the fear of moving forward. If our goal is to be perfect, and perfection really is just an idea, then no matter how high we climb, how successful we […]

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