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Healthy Nannies 4 Healthy Kids


Who We Are

We are a group of like-minded people who are committed to the health, wellness and future of our children.

What We Are Out To Accomplish

We connect with Nannies, Nanny Agencies and Nanny Associations across the USA to promote the importance of health and wellness on an individual, family and community level. We are on a mission to transform the way we feed our children across America one person, one family and one community at a time and end childhood disease and obesity by creating a new culture around the way we relate to food. We’re out to create a ripple effect across the county and unite Nannies in getting themselves healthy and paying it forward in a fun and exciting way.

Initiative is connected to/affiliated with a like-minded organization where Nannies can learn about healthy foods and the preparation of them.

What We Offer


We offer you the opportunity to stand out amongst your peers, to get noticed and make a dfference both in your life and the families you serve. You have access to certificate programs that give you an edge in the hiring process. You can become a member of a team of like-minded nannies and compete for prizes, giveaways and more. In addition, Healthy Nannies 4 Healthy Kids™ offers scholarships for continuing education to those Nannies qualified and interested in Optimal Wellness and furthering their education in a year long program of distance learning. All programs are specifically designed to speak to those with service hearts and an emphasis on the importance of taking care of themselves too. Nannies become a part of a network of health-minded caregivers aligned on a mission to pay it forward by sharing the knowledge they’ve gained with the families they serve. Blogs and support networks are available to all participants. All participating Nannies will receive a Certificate of completion and membership card.


Add value and visibility to your agency by offering your clients a Healthy Nanny 4 Healthy Kids™ certified Nanny. Attract top career nannies who are dedicated to transforming the health and well being of the families they serve. Receive marketing support, event ideas and recognition as being a leader in your market. *Exclusivity in your market place is available to qualifying agencies.


Families now have the availability to hire nannies who have the knowledge, training and culture that will benefit the health and well being of their loved ones. All families have the opportunity to enroll their current nanny into a certificate program.

The Benefits are Endless

  • Nannies who receive a certificate are empowered with increased knowledge and practical education regarding nutrition, shopping, dining out and food preparation that they can put into action with the children and families they work with.
  • Nanny Placement Agencies experience increased visibility, credibility and market share by attractingtop notch,  health conscious Nannies to present to their client families.
  • Nannies/Families/Children are offered coaching opportunities that will empower and inspire an environment of health and wellness to themselves and/or the families they serve.
  • Nannies are offered a HealthyNannies4HealthyKids™ scholarship to deepen their nutritional learning by attending the Institute for Integrated Nutrition distance learning program.

Everyone Wins

  • The very essence of the way we approach nutrition at an early age is transformed one person, one family and one agency at a time.
  • More and more individuals, organizations and businesses across America unite in making a difference in the lives of children and themselves.

Agencies Making a Difference

To learn how to increase market share in your city and make an impact on the health and wellness of the children and families you serve contact Debra Dennis.

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. Initiative is connected to/affiliated with a like-minded organization where Nannies can learn about healthy foods and the preparation of them.