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Eating Psychology for Everyone 90 minute workshop

This is a presentation for anyone who eats! Discover some of the foundational principles of Dynamic Eating Psychology as developed by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and how they can help you have a more rewarding and nourishing relationship with food. For many people, eating challenges or unwanted food habits can limit health, metabolism, and inner happiness. It’s time to learn the key insights that can forever change your nutritional and emotional well-being. You’ll come away with fascinating and practical information that you can apply to friends, loved ones, and self. Some of the key highlights of this unique presentation include:

• Your one-of-a-kind relationship with food and the secrets it reveals

• Insights into emotional eating

• How to understand the essence of any unwanted food habit

• The hidden teachings in overeating and binge eating

• The fascinating connection between food and love

• And much more…

Join us on:

Saturday November 16th at noon


Wednesday November 20th at 6PM.

Limited seating available.

Call 703-385-0011

$10 per person

Reserve your seat here:

1. Saturday Class @ Noon   (SOLD OUT)

2. Wednesday Class @ 6PM  (SOLD OUT)

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More Energy with Mind Body Nutrition

Are you interested in having more energy? Are you tired of fighting fatigue? Does it ever feel like your body could use an “energy tune-up” when it comes to what and how you eat? In this unique presentation, you’ll discover some of the practical and powerful strategies for heightening your vitality through the principles of the exciting new field of Mind Body Nutrition as developed by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

You’ll come away with some surprising and easy-to-practice techniques that can have an immediate impact on your sense of energy and well-being. These clinically proven strategies are results driven and can forever change your approach to eating. A renewed sense of vitality is just around the corner! Some of the key highlights of this presentation include:

  • More energy with macronutrient balance
  • The fatigue-busting power of relaxation
  • The secrets of eating rhythm
  • The “energy gain, energy drain” inventory
  • Nutritional techniques for high energy results
  • And much more…

Join us on:

Saturday, December 14th at noon


Wednesday, December 18th at 6PM.

Limited seating available.

Call 703-385-0011

$10 per person


Saturday Workshop

Wednesday Workshop


The Eating Psychology Transformation 4-week class

Are you looking to take the next big step forward in your relationship with food? Would you like take a deeper dive into your eating challenges and find the answers you’ve been looking for?

The Eating Psychology Transformation is a 4 class series that’s designed to create a supportive environment where discovery and magic can happen. You’ll have the opportunity to learn new information, share your story, ask questions, and explore your eating concerns. The result will be great new insights and a more empowered relationship with food and body.

Now more than ever, so many people are waking up to the realization that we cannot be held back from challenges such as emotional eating, overeating, binge eating, weight, body image concerns, and more. It’s time to learn to nourish ourselves in a good way and have the life that we’re meant live. It’s time to find peace with food and body.

Within the comfort of a small group environment, Debra Dennis, Certified Eating Psychology Teacher and Coach, will guide you on a wise and compassionate journey that will help you uncover the hidden messages and the unexpected gifts in your eating concerns. She’ll be sharing with you so much of the powerful body of work that’s taught at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Expect to come away with new and effective strategies, to move through stuck places, and to reach a happier place with food.

Please consider the Eating Psychology Transformation for you if:

  • You’re tired of the same old approaches that don’t work
  • You know there has to be a better way when it comes to unwanted eating habits
  • You want a relationship with food that feels easy and natural
  • You enjoy exploring the hidden places inside of you where the action really is
  • You like a small group setting and are inspired by conversations that really matter

Here are some further details about The Eating Psychology Transformation:

  • 4 classes that meet once per week for 90 minutes
  • Class size is limited
  • A great blend of information, introspective exercises, and group discussion
  • Plenty of time for question and answer
  • Perfect for those with overeating, binge eating, weight concerns, emotional eating, body image challenges, and anyone wanting a more nourishing experience with food

Enrollment is happening now, so please reserve your spot soon!

We hope to meet you in this unique class.
Dates/Times: Coming Early 2014!
Location:  Indigo Lifestyle Solutions, 10831 Main Street, Fairfax VA 22030
Cost:  $347.00
Contact Information: 703-385-0011