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Debra Dennis Indigo Lifestyle Solutions

I want you to experience your life as the joyful, soul-stirring adventure it’s meant to be.


Here’s what we believe:

  • Embrace the person you really are so that you can create YOUR Life (not somebody else’s).
  • Connect to your core values and cultivate a simple, joyful, relaxed approach to living so that your children, your home and community of loved ones have the space and time they need to grow into their TRUE and BEST selves.
  • You’re on a mission and what you do with your life matters. You deserve to feel truly alive, connected to your passions and desires so that you live your life ON PURPOSE and follow your calling with clarity, confidence, and true joy.

I invite you to lay the foundation of your Indigo Lifestyle that at once brings soul-stirring adventure to your life AND let’s your whole family know that you are all loved, nourished and safe.

Stay in touch and get to know us by entering your e-mail and name in the boxes above. And take a look through all the services we provide to support you on your journey.

I’m so glad you’re here!

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